Enterprise introduction

Urban Gas Investment and Development Joint Stock Company:

  • Development process of the Company:
  • Urban Gas Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (PVGAS CITY) was established under Resolution 1877 / NQ-DKVN dated June 19, 2007 of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group.
  • On 12/05/2010, ENN Energy Group of China (Xin’Ao Gas) became a strategic partner of PVGASCITY.
  • On December 29, 2010, PVGASCITY was officially listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange with the code “PCG”.
  • PVGASCITY has been granted a certificate of eligibility for LPG import and export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the first-class construction capability certificate by the Ministry of Construction to install equipment into the project.

ENN – XinAo has selected an advanced management system to conduct technology transfer to the company. With the mission of “Creating a modern energy system and improving the quality of life for everyone”, in recent years, the company’s business activities have grown rapidly. Up to now, PVGASCITY has been constructing, supplying LPG through pipelines to over 15,000 civil customers in big urban areas and managing and operating more than 50 central gas systems nationwide.

  • Vision and mission:
  • Becoming a leading enterprise in Consulting, design, investment, construction, operation and exploitation of Gas Supply System (LPG / CNG / LNG / SNG) for Urban Areas, Commercial Centers and industrial zones across the country.
  • Develop diverse industries such as multi-energy systems, heat, refrigeration and intelligent energy supply (Smart Energy) in Industrial Zones.

Organizational structure of the company (Attached diagram below)

Products: – Industrial Gas Solution
                   – Urban Gas Solution
                   – Supplies equipment and gas industry and other industries


Industrial Gas Solution:
Industrial LPG supply system

  • PVGAS CITY has been involved in the design, construction, construction and investment of LPG supply systems for factories and industrial parks across the country;
  • Currently PVGAS CITY has been supplying LPG to factories and industrial parks with an output of over 50,000 tons of LPG / year.

Urban Gas Solution:
Central gas system (City gas) consists of a centralized storage tank designed underground below the apartment building, through a system of machinery and equipment, specialized valves, following the system of underground pipelines. to end use points and managed via a gas meter (similar to the current water management model). With the safety valves when there is a gas leak, the gas alarm detector, the system will automatically close, the households using this system will save 3-5% of the cost compared to using gas cylinders.
The central gas supply system has advantages such as reducing costs for users, ensuring continuous supply, high fire prevention, and high safety due to low pipeline pressure (only equal to 1/150 compared to traditional gas tank pressure, namely 30-50mbar compared with 5-7 bar (1bar = 1000mbar, pressure measuring unit); stable gas quality, high aesthetic, active in use process.

Materials, equipment Gas and other industries
Importing and trading in gas materials and equipment industry
GAS supply systems usually have the following main equipment:
Gas storage equipment (tanks, bottles)
Piping (Carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, specialized soft pipe, rubber pipe or specialized plastic)
Pressure regulating valve
The lock valve and control valve

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